Panasonic KV- S1015C Work Group Color Scanner

Panasonic KV- S1015C Work Group Color Scanner


Panasonic scanners and imaging software deliver high performance and reliability across the board. Determining what type of business scanners today’s market demands, Panasonic developed a new and expanded product line that works hand-in-hand with today’s business tools.


  • Document scanning solutions that fuel non-stop efficiency
  • An evolution in scanning performance
  • Panasonic document scanners have the speed and accuracy that offices demand
  • Industry-leading product line catering to enterprises of all shapes and sizes
  • Meeting the increasing speed and flexibility demands of today’s business market


Item# KV-S1015C-CA

  • 20 ppm / 40 ipm high speed scanning
  • 50 page automatic document feeder
  • Plastic card and business card scanning
  • Customizable (x3) single-touch scan keys

Top 5 reasons customers buy Panasonic Scanners

  1. Panasonic is globally recognized for quality
  2. Scanners that scan 20 to 147 pages per minute
  3. Features & capabilities to scan mixed documents and cards
  4. Powerful Panasonic Image Enhancement technology suite bundled with all scanners
  5. Scanners sold at affordable prices with excellent warranties and duty cycles.
KV S1015C 1

Panasonic KV- S1015C Work Group Color Scanner Specs

ID / Special Document Scanning

Card and Mixed Paper Scanning

Scan embossed cards, documents and a card, at once.

Double Exposure

Saves two-sided documents into a single-page file.

Booklet (Passport) Scanning

Allows various booklets (e.g., passports, bank books, etc.) to be scanned.

Long Paper Scanning

Allows even unusually long documents to be scanned.


Automatic Image Processing

Automatic Image Orientation

Detects and automatically corrects the direction of scanned documents.

Auto Preview

Optimizes scanning without having to set any complicated scanning conditions.

Auto Rescan

Adjusts scanned images without the need for rescanning.

Notification Function

Detects problematic images and informs the user of four types of problems.

Feeding Detection

Intelligent Double-Feed Detection

Memorizes canceled double-feed detection as a scan setting.

Stapled Document Detection 

Detects stapled documents and immediately stops the scanner.

Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection 

Detects small documents mixed among regular-sized documents.

Mechanical Deskew

Physically adjusts skewed documents fed into the scanner.

Flatbed Scanning

Flatbed Scanning

Allows documents with a variety of sizes and thicknesses to be scanned.

Compatible with Optional Flatbed Scanner

Allows a flatbed scanner to be mounted as an option.

Multi Crop

Scans multiple documents in one path, producing separate images instantly.