Document Imaging

Are you striving to make your office paperless? To assist with this, you should invest in some document imaging equipment.

Here at R&S Business Supplies, we provide an array of machines designed to boost productivity in offices. Document imaging is a process that stores information from a piece of paper or microfilm and transforms it into a digital file. For example, a scanner would be perfect for this as it can take an image of a paper document and turn it into a digital file.

Why Use Document Imaging?

There are many benefits to using document imaging in offices, and below, we at R&S Business Supplies explain why you should be investing in equipment that carries out this task.

Easily Accessible

Given the reliance that businesses all over the globe now have on technology, it makes sense for offices to reduce the amount of paper used. Not only that, but it is better for the environment to not keep paper records. An advantage of using document imaging is that every piece of information can be stored in one place, making it easily accessible.

If you or one of your employees need to recover a specific piece of information, the process will be much swifter when searching for it on a computer. You do not want to waste time trawling through paper files when you could find what you’re looking for with a simple click of a button.


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Document Sharing

If you are operating a thriving business that is involved with several clients, then it is likely that certain documents will need to be viewed by multiple personnel. It would be far too time-consuming for each individual person to view a paper file.

If document imaging is used, then numerous departments can view the same digital file at one time. Depending on the system you use, your documents could be viewed by employees in another office across town or in one of your sites overseas.


Filing systems have been around for decades, but rather than have a paper system, an online version would be much more beneficial. Creating various folders and files allows businesses to come up with an organised system for storing information. Solely using paper filing will require you to use up space and resources in your office. A digital option allows you to keep hold of valuable documents in a compact space.

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Here at R&S Business Supplies, we have a range of scanners available that would fit perfectly in your office. Our Panasonic machines are top of the range and well-equipped for document imaging. Our company has been operating for more than 25 years in Calgary, making us the go-to supplier for office equipment.

All of our technicians are experienced and trained to deal with any requests that you may have. If you require information about our products or you need a repair, then do not hesitate to contact us. Our company, which is 100% Canadian owned and operated, can guarantee a 2.5 hours response time, so you will not be left waiting long.

Customer satisfaction is huge on our list of priorities, which is why you will receive a stellar service from our team. We have numerous products ideal for document imaging, so feel free to take advantage of our expert knowledge.

Aside from document imaging supplies, you can also take advantage of the many other products we at R&S Business Equipment Ltd provide, including:


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