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How much time do you spend coercing your office equipment to work each day? Does a difficult photocopier ruin your office’s productivity?

R&S Business Equipment Ltd, the specialists in business photocopiers Calgary businesses knows they can trust, maintain that your equipment should increase your efficiency, instead of impeding on it. Call us today on (403) 251-5304 to find how we can maximise the productivity of your office.

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Photocopiers have become a necessity for many offices because of the convenient solution they offer when it comes to copying vital information. Without them, businesses would risk losing valuable data and would have to spend vast amounts of money on printing. As time has gone on, photocopiers have continued to improve so that they can be effectively used in modern working environments. Some of the benefits to owning business photocopiers Calgary customers have reported include:

  • Convenience
  • Cost
  • Improved Functionality and Efficiency
  • More Economical Double-Sided Printing

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For business photocopiers, Calgary businesses know that R&S Business Equipment Ltd will have the solution for them. We provide a range of models, so whether you’re looking for a Canon or a Muratec, a colour or a monochrome copier, we’re sure to be able to meet your needs. Struggling to decide what you want? Then let our expert advisors guide you towards the best solution for you.

No matter how complex or simple a machine you require, R&S Business Equipment Ltd should be the first port of call in Calgary. Business photocopiers can come with staplers built in, they can scan to email, and they can work at a variety of different copying and printing speeds nowadays. They are designed to make your life as easy as possible in the workplace, and they can do just that.

However, the key to success lies in selecting a photocopier that is well suited to your requirements. Choosing an unnecessarily high-tech machine can sometimes do more harm than good. We at R&S Business Equipment Ltd can offer a variety of different copiers, from the very advanced to the more straight-forward, and we can advise you on which model might best suit your needs too.

More than Just a Supplier

Unfortunately, photocopiers can break down from time to time and cause disruption to your daily routine. It is for this reason that we offer a full repair service for our clients should they require it. If you’re looking to purchase one or more business photocopiers in Calgary, then reach out to R&S Business Equipment Ltd for total peace of mind. Our team have over 25 years of experience, and are more than capable of quickly identifying the problem with your photocopier and scheduling a repair.

But that’s not all! We do more than just supplying and repairing photocopiers in Calgary. Business photocopiers need supplies in order to run properly and it is for this reason that we also offer a large selection of inks and toners that work with a variety of different models. You’ll find that our prices for such items are far more competitive than other retailers and our options more varied. With R&S Business Equipment Ltd, you’re sure to find the supplies compatible with your respective photocopier.

We understand that for office supplies and business photocopiers, Calgary customers can have a wide range of budgets at their disposal. R&S Business Equipment Ltd deal in both new and used photocopiers so can offer a variety of different options to suit different budgets. Customers can rest assured, however, that when they come through us, they’re guaranteed to be quoted the best prices available on the market for any of our products.

About Us

For business photocopiers in Calgary, R&S Business Equipment Ltd are here to help. We always put the needs of our clients first and strive to deliver exceptional customer service consistently. Our guaranteed response time is two and a half hours, so you’ll never have to wait too long should you have an inquiry. We are determined to exceed the high expectations of our clients and leave them wholly satisfied with our service every time.

We have 25 years of experience in the sales and servicing of office equipment in Calgary. Business photocopiers, printers, faxes, shredders, and scanners are our bread and butter and we know them inside out. All of our technicians are factory certified and trained to be able to identify and resolve any issues quickly. We care about our customers and are committed to offering you top quality service every time.

So if you require the best business photocopiers Calgary has to offer, then R&S Business Equipment Ltd is the company to choose.


Call us now on (403) 251-5304 to seek professional and friendly advice. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form or email us at and we will respond as soon as possible. For business photocopiers, Calgary’s R&S Business Equipment Ltd won’t let you down.